marketing popular major subject

Marketing third most popular choice for major subject in 2017

Aalto University School of Business published the statistics for bachelor's level major subject applications for the year 2017. This year 279 first year students chose their major subjects for their bachelor's studies. Marketing was ranked as the third most popular first choice option out of all major subjects with 39 students having marketing as their primary choice. This is almost double the amount of applicants compared to the year 2016 and highest number of applicants for marketing in several years.

The most popular first choice in 2017 was finance with 101 applicants followed by accounting with 55 applicants. The complete rankings were the following:

  1. Finance - 101
  2. Accounting - 55
  3. Marketing - 39
  4. Business Technology - 38
  5. Economics - 27
  6. Management and International Business - 14
  7. Business Law - 9

You can view the complete breakdown at the website of Aalto University School of Business (in Finnish).  


Aalto Marketing Society congratulates new marketing students for making an excellent choice. We're looking forward to meeting you after the summer and welcome you to our community!


Background: choosing a major subject in the School of Business

Unlike in most schools in Aalto University, students of the School of Business don't apply directly to a single major subject when applying to Aalto University. Instead, new bachelor's students start without an assigned major subject and spend their first year completing common basic studies. These studies are the same for all students in the School of Business. After the first year, the first year bachelor's students have to choose a major subject for the rest of their bachelor's level studies.