Back to BIZ, Marketers!

Back to school, back to business, back to BIZ!

The short and cold summer is over and a long and even colder fall is finally here. But have no fear, there's lots of new things going on for us marketing students! We have a record number of new marketing students starting this fall so if you are one of the lucky ones just starting your marketing studies, click here to find out what we have planned out for you.

But we haven't forgotten the rest of you more seasoned marketers either. Here's a quick news update for the upcoming fall season:

  • The Aalto Day One festivities (a.k.a Aalto Party) are not just for Mursus and other freshmen. It's fun, free and of course, AMS is having our very own checkpoint for all Aalto students! And if you're a marketing student, you should especially come and check out us, your very community, at Alvarin Aukio park
  • We are happy to announce that AMS has entered a strategic partnership with Myynnin ja Markkinoinnin Ammattilaiset (the Union of Sales and Marketing Professionals). MMA (no relation to mixed martial arts or Connor McGregor) is an organization, which promotes the interests of professionals working in sales, marketing and purchasing. We'll be informing you more about this during the fall, so stay tuned!
  • You might have noticed that it has been sort of difficult to stay up to date with everything that's going on for marketing students and what you should pay attention to, so we have decided to start a monthly newsletter to keep you informed about the most important things you should know. Don't worry, it's only once a month and it's not going to overlap with the rest of the student life related spam your email must be filled with already!
  • Our event roster for this fall is almost done! It's a very interesting end of the year ahead of us all with several company excursions and collaborative events coming up so stay tuned. We can reveal couple major dates already, though:
    • The Infamous AMS Open Bar Christmas party is held on Saturday, 25.11. Mark your calendars!
    • Applications for AMS board 2018 opens on 30.10. 2017
    • AMS Afterwork sessions start again in October with renewed concept - more about this soon!

Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and now on Linkedin too to keep up with the most important updates!

And as always, if you have any questions or feedback, the board is here to help!


Happy new school year for all AMS members!