Most Respected Brands of Aalto Community-research begins!

Aalto Marketing Society proudly announces the start of "Most Respected Brands of Aalto Community"-research 2017!

Which guild is most respected by business students? Do art students know about different committees of business students? Which Wappu-magazine is the funniest? What engineering student regard as the best party in Aalto? Which events, communities or clubs are part of the most respected brands of Aalto Community?

For the first time ever, Aalto Marketing Society starts the search for most respected brands within Aalto community! The goal of this research is to see which brands of the Aalto community are the most appreciated and respected within the students of Aalto. "Aalto-community" in this context means all entities that are run by Aalto students or otherwise closely affiliated to Aalto students, such as different organizations, clubs, associations, events, products, etc.

The study is divided in two parts:

  1. The Preliminary Part (this one): We'll ask people to name different "brands" of Aalto community within different categories. Based on the results, the most well-known brands will be chosen for part two


  1. The Main Research: The most widely-known brands are chosen for the main study. In this part people get to evaluate how they feel about different brands and would they recommend it to other people. Based on the average score of all ratings, we can then list which brands are most well known and most respected within Aalto community!

Aalto Marketing Society, the association of marketing students of Aalto University, publishes the brand index at the end of the year. The top achievers will be rewarded in Aalto Marketing Society's Christmas Gala on November 25th.


Every Aalto student can answer this short questionnaire! Click the following link to enter your answers!

[Click here to enter the survey]