educational affairs hotline

Educational Affairs Hotline is Live

Educational Affairs Hotline is now live on our website!

The second academic period is starting and it's time to launch our newest tool to help your studies: Educational Affairs Hotline!

The Hotline is a feedback form that directly reaches Katariina (pictured), our board member responsible for educational affairs. Wether you are a marketing minor or major student, just taking one course or only applying to some course - gives us feedback and we'll take care of the rest. You can give feedback on any issue, any time. This gives you a chance to give anonymous feedback related to things that you can't give feedback on with your standard feedback. 

So if you have any larger issues with the department of marketing, or are not just comfortable about giving feedback directly to the teacher of the course, you can use the Educational Affairs Hotline and let us handle the rest. We collect all feedback and sit down with the department of marketing at the end of each study period to give them your feedback.



The Educational Affairs Hotline is an additional feedback tool. Your primary feedback channel should still be the official course feedback , because that's what Aalto University officially follows. Read more about the official feedback channels here.


You can find the Educational Affairs Hotline under "Studies" section on the header menu, or by clicking HERE