Most respected brands of Aalto Community – FINALS!

The time has come to find which brand is the most respected brand of the Aalto Community!

Based on the preliminary part, the most recognized/well-known brands of Aalto community were chosen for this phase. 116 people responded to the first part, and the answers were divided evenly between different schools and study years. In order to proceed to this final evaluation, a brand had to achieve a recognition of at least 15% between all answers (i.e. 15% of respondents had to name that brand).

  • Every Aalto student can vote
  • Share this research to your friends to make sure your favourite associations do well!

In this part of the research you get to evaluate the top 52 most recognized/well-known brands within Aalto community with two different metrics and you will get to say how much you respect each brand.

The winner will be first announced in the AMS pre-christmas party on 25.11. 2017