AMS board 2018

The AMS Board 2018 elected in Fall Meeting!

The AMS Board 2018 got elected in the second part of the Fall Meeting of Aalto Marketing Society ry.

The meeting took place on Tuesday 21.11. 2017 in the KY building, Helsinki.

Aalto Marketing Society elected 7 members of the board to accompany Pauliina Puputti in the year 2018.


The board gets to distribute the required areas of responsibilities by itself and will inform the exact roles and positions later. The AMS Board 2018 consists of the following people:

  • Pauliina Puputti, Chair
  • Salla Haaparanta, Vice Chair
  • Evie Pham
  • Mikko Hölli
  • Jonni Laine
  • Kirsi Kahikko
  • Reeta Kalmari
  • Elsa Arola


Congratulations, AMS Board 2018!

AMS Board 2018
AMS Board 2018. From top left: Evie Pham, Mikko Hölli, Kirsi Kahikko, Jonni Laine Bottom left: Salla Haaparanta, Pauliina Puputti, Reeta Kalmari. Not pictured: Elsa Arola