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To reach the whole board, contact ams(at)kyweb.fi

Aalto Marketing Society board 2017

As a chairman, Henrik is responsible for the strategic development, day-to-day operations and external stakeholder management of AMS. Chairman takes care of keeping AMS on the right track and oversees that everything is done according to our vision and mission. The chairman of Aalto Marketing Society also sits in the managing board of Marketing Business School Graduates (MEKO) and represents AMS in different round tables of other chairmen within Aalto community

Henrik Lähdesniemi

Chairman / Tel. +358 50 4014737

As a vice chair Katariina is the chairman's right hand. Katariina is part of the International Business School Graduates board (KvEKO) and also responsible for the annual AMS abroad excursion. Katariina also takes care of Aalto Marketing Society's student advocacy affairs and maintains relations with the faculty of marketing, and represents AMS in all studies related committees

Katariina Ollari

Vice Chair, Educational Affairs

Niko takes care of business, literally. Being responsible for corporate relations, Niko arranges excursions, takes care of our connections to companies and manages the sales of our services. If you are a company and want to contact AMS, get in touch with Niko.

Niko Uusitalo

Sales, Corporate Relations / Tel. +358 400774648

Ella is one of our two board members in charge of communications. She makes sure that you know what's happening and that the information keeps on moving within our community.

Ella Holi


As the community coordinator Riikka is responsible of supporting the evolution towards a community of marketing students in Aalto. Riikka is also in charge of alumni relations and our Afterwork Sessions. If you have somebody you would like to have in our Tuesday Session in mind, do not hesitate to contact her!

Riikka Lahti

Community Affairs

Our event coordinator Jutta’s goal is to create events that represent AMS as a brand and a community. Jutta wants to offer our members a chance to network and socialize with marketing professionals as well as fellow students with different educational backgrounds - without forgetting to have fun at the same time.

Jutta Sibakov

Event coordinator

As the brand manager and AD of AMS, Pauliina is responsible for making everything look and feel great. The brand manager oversees that everything we do stays within our strategic brand guidelines and represents AMS in the best way possible.

Pauliina Puputti

Brand Manager, Art Director

Behind the visible part of everything we do, there needs to be someone taking care of AMS piggy bank and drawing the hieroglyphs from our meetings to the next generations - the duty that Venla is taking care of as a treasurer and secretary.

Venla Lonka

Venla Lonka

Treasurer, Secretary

Ira is one of our two board members in charge of communications. She makes sure to keep you posted on our latest happenings! She's also the songleader of Aalto Marketing Society in various events.

Ira Sydänmaanlakka

Ira Sydänmaanlakka