Columbia Road is looking for a new summer employee! – apply by 2.12.

Hello there AMS people! We at Columbia Road are now looking for new friends to work with next summer. We are a 2,5-year-old consulting startup challenging the old ways of running ecommerce and digital business. We exist to increase our clients’ revenue and help them get more customers in the digital era. Our company spirit is one of a true start-up, but with a twist of hard-core experience. We believe in giving a lot of responsibility and freedom to our employees.

The search is on for developers, designers, digital marketing enthusiasts (and everything in between these) as well as a sales tiger for our own sales team. We don’t like to box people, but I’d guess most of you find the digital marketing specialist position the most relevant (and we already have one AMS alumnus who started in this role last spring), so here’s a description of that one:

As a full-stack marketer, you’ll have the power to make clients’ sales skyrocket! You are excited about growth hacking and interested in results-oriented marketing. You might have projects ranging from simple search engine marketing to setting up analytics and tagging frameworks for our clients oroptimising clients’ digital campaigns. You might be familiar with some modern marketing tactics, such as SEM, SEO (both content and technical), SMM, Marketing Automation, Media Buying, Inbound and lead generation or Amazon SEM+SEO — but we don’t expect you to know it all!

Or maybe you’re more analytics-driven and you love data crunching, dashboards, and reporting. You feel comfortable presenting your own ideas to a small group from time to time, for example in a workshop. You’ll get to work on projects in close collaboration with clients and you’ll always have a world-class team of marketers and analysts for support and to learn from.

Check out the open positions at
and apply by Sunday 2.12.!