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Aalto Marketing Society represents all marketing students at Aalto University School of Business, the leading business school in Finland. Through us you can reach hundreds of skilled future or already established marketing professionals, from new bachelor's level students to recently graduate master's students.

Partnering with us offers companies wide range of options to get involved with the top marketing talent in Finland. Wether it's employee branding, visibility among business students, recruiting, thesis workers or just connections to students, Aalto Marketing Society is your top choice for reaching the best marketing students in Finland.

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AMS is a very visible organization within Aalto University, and the most multidisciplinary active business student subject association within Aalto community. Our actions reach not only marketing students, but everyone who is even slightly interested in marketing, ranging from technology students to art students. If you want to be seen every time we are seen, contact us and we’ll tell you more!


Do you want to get students involved? We offer plethora of successful methods to get students engage with your company, from case nights and career evenings to afterwork talk sessions


Do you want to get your message across hundreds of marketing students? We have several effective communication channels ranging from this website and social media channels to private groups and mailing lists that can cater to your every communicational need towards students. Do you want to share your career opportunities or promote your own events? Hit us up!

Employer branding

Is your company the best place to work? Do you want to be the dream destination for every marketer? Do you want to be seen as the top partner company for future marketing managers and directors? Contact us and we can help you get to the top of mind for our students and graduates!

Company excursions

Want to show personally what your business is all about? Invite marketing students over for a company excursion! Our tailored excursion packages include curating the visitors, ways for you to contact the students, photography, feedback and much more to ensure maximum mutual value for both the companies and the students

For inquiries, contact:

Katariina Järvinen – katariina.jarvinen(at)aalto.fi