Marketing Studies at Aalto University

Not just advertising and communications


Marketing is a business activity that aims to satisfy customer needs and create meaningful customer relationships. Marketing knowledge includes strategic planning, market and consumer research, and the use and adaptation of key marketing methods (product and design, brand, price, marketing communication, distribution, and service). 

At Aalto University School of Business, marketing is provided both in Bachelor's and Master's level programmes.

As a study subject, marketing provides students with professional knowledge about creating, developing, and managing market and customer oriented business. The students will develop a holistic understanding of managing business in a market oriented manner, as well as knowledge and skills needed in the development and implementation of marketing strategies.

The BSc and MSc programs offer students understanding of different kinds of markets and customer behavior as well as skills to acquire and generate further information about markets and customers through market research activities. In other words, the principles of customer behavior, organizational buying behavior as well as market research and customer intelligence belong to the basic core of this program.

Further, marketing students will obtain knowledge and skills to run a business through managing marketing competences such as product planning and design, pricing, sales and distribution channels, and marketing communications (advertising and sales promotion).



The state of marketing


Choosing marketing as your major is one of the best decisions of your time at Aalto BIZ. 

The number of new marketing students doubled in the year 2017, which is not a surprise. Marketing is a highly respected major especially among employers, being one of the most sought-out skills in the job markets along programming. The research of marketing in Aalto University has been ranked as the best in Nordic countries in the year 2016 and the Department of Marketing is the highest ranked department in the whole School of Business - Aalto University has some great courses and professors in addition to motivated students.

Marketing as a major offers a wide range of optionality. As a marketing student you can decide where you want to specialise in and choose courses that support your decision. It’s possible to take more analytical and statistical courses or to choose more strategic perspective or dive into behavioral and social psychological side of marketing. 

Currently, the Department of Marketing is developing marketing into even more quantitative and data based major, both of which are very important aspects of contemporary marketing.